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At Cedar&Co. we create skincare products that work in their simplicity, are affordable, safe, and compliment a healthy, natural lifestyle.  We use locally and ethically sourced, plant based, raw, certified organic; butters, carrier oils, essential oils and botanicals, where possible.  When sourcing further afield  we ensure all ingredients continue to be cruelty free, paraben free, GMO free and palm free. 

Our goal is to become completely sustainable.  We currently use amber glass or BPA free containers to protect our products from UV degradation.  Although our packaging is recyclable, we are continuing to work towards a completely  biodegradable, waste-free future.

With our simple and natural skincare products our wish is that you will honour your outer shell, by drawing from nature to nurture your inner self. 


C e d a r & C o . B o t a n i c a l s

is a partnership that began in Bancroft, ON.  In the early days we ventured out into the woods for exercise and meditation.  Along the winding pathways of our wilderness hikes we found beauty in nature.  As we fell more in love with our surroundings we started to discuss how to sustain our environment and our health.  It is now our passion and mission to provide natural, simple, plant-based, cruelty-free and sustainable skin care products.  

You can still find us wondering in the woods…